When: Saturday, October 27, 2018

Where: St. Alice Hall- 100 Esplanada Ave, HHS

What: The St. Alice Hall will rock to the sounds of the Beer Barrel Band as we all learn to polka or just dance.  Don't forget beer, pretzels and bratwurst!  

Time: 8:00 pm - 11:30 pm

Buffet available 8:30-10:30 pm

Cost: $46.00; includes collector mug** and your first beer.
And includes all inclusive access to the German inspired Buffet 

Additional beer $5.00 a glass

** You may return your mug for a $2.00 deposit.

The Beer: In keeping with the theme of Oktoberfest, we will have award-winning beer from Germany, Erdinger Weissbier. and Steigl Lager.

Our brewers are still crafting the perfect the Oktoberfest beer, the website will be updated as soon as we have chosen the perfect BC Oktoberfest Beer. 


Dressing in your finest Dirndls for the girls and Lederhosen for the boys is encouraged. Prizes to be won!

There will be an AlkoholFrei beer offered for the designated drivers.


** What is the mug deposit system?

Traditionally, European Christmas Markets and Oktoberfest events have a mug deposit system in place that not only significantly reduces garbage, but also offers guests the opportunity to keep their souvenir mug. We have included in your event ticket, a $2 mug deposit (retail value of the mug is $10)  Once you have finished your drink you may either keep the mug as a souvenir or return it on your way out at the "Mug-Return-It-Booth" to get your $2 mug deposit back. The "Mug-Return-It-Booth" is located at the main entrance/exit doors.