The beers are coming in. We will be bringing you 21 breweries this year.  2018 samples will be updated as they come in. Click on their name to go to their website to learn more. 


Beer Fest 2018 Descriptions:

Dead Frog Brewery:

Red Rum Spiced Ale: ABV 5%

A smooth red ale with a crisp hint of spice, light caramel malts, and a rum barrel infused finish with rich flavours of toasted oak.

Green Magic Ipa: ABV 6%

A West Coast IPA with juicy hop flavours of tropical citrus and pine with a crisp, balanced finish.

Foamers' Folly:

Post Modern Pale Ale:

Lavender Earl Grey ESB:

Raspberry Honey Hefe:

White and Lazy IPA:

Highway 97:

Dirt Road Double IPA: ABV 7.5%

This is a very approachable balanced double IPA full of fruity hop notes completely in balance with an amazing selection of premium malted barley.  This unfiltered double IPA  begins with a big passionfruit nose and finishes with the smoothest notes of banana and clove.  This beer is an adventure… just like your favourite dirt road!  Get out and explore!


Salted Caramel Porter: ABV 6.2%
Roasted dark malts are used to create the rich colour and smoky flavour in this 6.2% beer and even a hint of chocolate. At 30 IBU, the texture is lighter than you might expect allowing you to enjoy more than one of these special dark beers. 

Red IPA: ABV 6.2%
This twist on an IPA gives the beer it’s red tone by using a specific red Canadian Prairie malt. Most of the hops for this beer come from the Naramata Bench hop farm - Square One. Because the beer is so balanced that edgy IPA flavour profile is more subtle than you would expect from a beer with 60 IBU.

Amber Ale: ABV 5.4%
This is our most balanced beer with a ratio of sweet bready malt flavour with hints of toffee to hop notes showing a subtle nutty finish. At only 28 IBU and 5.4% alcohol, the colour of this Amber Ale is lighter than expected keeping with the motivation behind this sessionable beer. 

Maple Meadows:

Traditional Hefeweizen: ABV 5%

Traditional German-style Wheat Beer made using Canadian wheat and German Pilzner malt. The Pilzner malt makes it crispy while the Canadian wheat provides it its wheat body.

Blueberry Hefeweizen:

Tapped it, tried it and it is AWESOME!

Amber Ale: ABV 5.3%

Grain – 2 Row malt made from the finest Canadian Barley, Chocolate malt adding depth to the caramel notes of this ale and Crystal malt introducing sweetness and caramel notes to our Amber.

Mexican Lager: ABV 4.8%

This beer was brewed using Vienna Malt, Pilzner Malt and a touch of corn – a combination which provides its malty-sweet flavor with some gentle notes of honey.

Mariner Brewing:

Chesnut Brown Ale:


Strawberry Rhubarb Sour:


Northeast IPA:ABV 7.5%



Moody Ales:

Lavender Sour: ABV 4.7%

Chocolate Oatmeal Porter: ABV 5.6%
Milk Chocolate, Oatmeal Cookies, Roast and Coffee

Huge Citrus Hazy IPA: ABV 6.1%
Tropical fruit, stone fruit, orange, grapefruit & pomelo. Finishes with a very balanced bitterness.


Mill Street

Organic Lager: ABV 4.2%

This 100% all natural, certified organic lager was Ontario’s first organic lager. Brewed with imported malt and hops, this 4.2% European-style lager offers a light, crisp and refreshing flavour with a clean finish.

100th Meridan Organic Amber Lager: ABV 5%

Our 100th Meridian Organic Amber Lager won gold at the 2017 International Brewing Awards in the Specialty Class 3 Organic Beer category.

Cobblestone Stout: ABV 4.2%

We produce a traditional Irish-style stout that is served using nitrogen to produce that familiar creamy pour. We use a mix of organic flaked wheat and organic roasted barley to create the beer’s classic creamy, dark character.

Tankhouse Ale: ABV 5.2%

We use five varieties of organic malt in the recipe to give the beer depth, and an abundance of organic cascade finishing hops to impart the refreshing citrus aroma that leaves you wanting more.

Old Abbey Ales:

Hop Rod Red:

Purple Draank:

Flavours are hugely blueberries with a slight hint of raspberries and finishes with a acidic sourness that makes this beer perfect for a hot summer day. Also this beer uses fresh fruit from a local farm.

Pineapple Express:

Old Yale Brewing:

**New Release:

Experience it at the Harrison Beer Festival

**New Release:

Experience it at the Harrison Beer Festival

Moondance Mango Wheat: ABV 5%

Each batch of Moon Dance Mango Wheat is made with 900 fresh, ripe mangos. And, the very smooth texture lets the mango flavor shine through.

Knotty Blonde Ale: ABV 5%

Old world hops meet new in our Knotty Blonde; carefully crafted to have a subtle grapefruit flavor with a frothy, creamy head.

Pacific Western:

Cariboo Wild Granny Smith Apple:

Cariboo Honey Lager:

Pacific Pilsner:

Parallel 49:

Craft Pilsner: ABV: 5%

This beer is crisp and refreshing with a rich and complex bready maltiness complimented by the slightly spicy and floral hop character.

Schadenfreude Pumpkin Oktoberfest: ABV 5%
Brewed as a traditional Oktoberfest Lager, this beer sets itself apart from other pumpkin ales by being light and refreshing.

Lost Souls Chocolate Pumpkin Porter: ABV: 6.5%
The base of this beer is a robust porter that uses large amounts of chocolate malts to achieve a chocolaty flavour. Pumpkin is used in the mash along with traditional pumpkin pie spicing in the brew kettle. An English strain of yeast is used to give this beer a slightly fruity yeast derived flavour.


Dawn Pilsner: ABV 4.9%

Dawn pays homage to traditional German Pilsners with a sublime balance between malt and hop. Old and new hop varieties make Dawn appealing to both traditionalists and adventurous Pilsner lovers alike. A refreshing and sessionable lager.

Humans. An IPA For The People: ABV 6.3%

Light gold in colour with big juicy flavours of tropical fruit, lemon rind and peach from a mix of Cashmere, Mosaic, El Dorado & Citra hops. This heavily dry-hopped beauty truly is ‘an IPA for the People’.


Blue Buck: ABV 5%

The Blue Buck is a legendary beast, featuring a robust, malt-forward body underpinned with crisp northwest hops. Well balanced and highly drinkable.

Black Magic: ABV 5.3%

This delicious witches brew pours a gorgeous dark mahogany with ruby highlights. Roasty, cocoa flavours up front are balanced by a low bitterness that is slightly sweet mid-palette, and woven into a refreshingly light body.

Tiger Shark: ABV 4.7%

This citra-focused beer is a pale ale re-imagined. bred to attack the pallet, Tiger Shark is a tropical alpha beast packed with juicy passion fruit and citrus flavour, without the bitter bite.

Red Collar:

Impeachment- Peach Wit: ABV 5.6%
If justice is blind then should beer be cloudy? Does it cloud one’s judgement, or is it just low hanging fruit? We are not crooks. We did not have fermentable relations with this beer. Give peach a chance. Unfiltered, no preservatives, vegan friendly and naturally carbonated.

Rocket Dark: Dark Session IPA:

Red Racer:

Red Racer Pilsner: ABV 5%

Red Racer Pils is brewed in the classic Bavarian tradition, using only the finest two-row barley and hops from the Hallertau region of Germany. This light and golden Pilsner has a distinct hop aroma and flavour with a dry, crisp finish.

Red Racer S'more Stout: ABV 6%

The Red Racer Smore Stout is a deliciously nostalgic take on the Milk Stout. This seasonal release offers a lightly sweet creaminess and roasted flavour evoking marshmallows toasted over the winter campfire. With notes of chocolate and a hint of spice, this unique winter creation is unexpected and delicious.

Red Racer After Hours:


Silver Valley Brewing:

Like the Sun Golden Ale: ABV 4.25 - 4.75%

A light English style golden ale with plenty of hop character while remaining easily approachable. A great session ale that pairs well with salads, fish, or a summer BBQ.

The Lion ESB: ABV 5.25 - 5.75%

This traditional British ale balances its smooth caramel backbone with an earthy hoppy bite and fruity aromatics. Pairs well with roasted meats, english cheeses, and fish and chips.

Jetpacks Was Yes: ABV 6.25 - 6.75%

A straight forward West Coast IPA with plenty of hop character while remaining balanced with decent malt backbone. Pairs well with BBQ, spicy foods, blue cheeses, and white chocolate desserts.

Stanley Park Brewing Co.:

Trail Hopper IPA: ABV 6.8%

Full bodied, aromatic and juicy. This delicious IPA gets its bold flavour from generous additions of Citra and Simcoe hops.

Noble Pilsner: ABV 5.1%

Crisp, clean and inviting, with light malt body and subtle floral hop aroma. Our Noble Pilsner is like the seawall on a Saturday: always welcoming and a total crowd pleaser.

Layer Up Winter Wheat Ale: ABV 5.2%

Lush layers of berry and citrus flavours in this auburn coloured Wheat Ale invite you to layer up this season. 

Milk Stout: ABV 5.5%

The soft roasted malt, velvety palate and easy sweetness of our Milk Stout is perfect for the changing seasons.

Amber Ale: ABV 5.1%

Our traditional pub-style Amber ale, with soft caramel aroma and toasted malt flavour. It’s a timeless favourite.

Windstorm West Coast Pale Ale:ABV 5.4%

Tropical fruit and citrus hop character give our Windstorm Pale Ale a medium body and full unfiltered flavour. Brace yourselves. It’s a flavourful force of nature that’s best enjoyed with adventurous friends.

Strange Fellows:

Talisman Pale Ale: ABV 4%

Talisman – our delicately dry-hopped & golden-hued ale with its tropical & citrusy aroma – may be just the thing to encourage the Siren’s blessing.

Blackmail Milk Stout: ABV 4.5%

Dispatched each day at dawn, Odin’s two ravens fly the world over, bringing news from the land of men back to the Norse god by nightfall. What secrets do they gather as they spy from on high, or scavenge from the leavings of men?

Next time the black birds call outside your door, perhaps a glass of Blackmail milk stout – with its rich, round & slightly sweet character – will still their extortive tongues.

Popinjay West Coast Sour: ABV 4.5%

On the day the birds were created, the Peacock was bestowed with splendid plumage. Dissatisfied, he bagged for the sweet song of the Nightingale. Surely a beauty such as his deserved a voice to match? As penance for his vanity however, the Peacock was given a voice that would forever lament his lack of perfection.

Sip of this juicy & hoppy sour ale, reflect upon your gifts & be happy.

Nocturim Dark IPA: ABV 6.5%

With his insatiable appetite, the Wolf is guilty of devouring livestock & little old ladies, & is even thought to be able to swallow the sun. People of the old country observe strange rituals to appease his hunger, & never leave the house after dark for fear of being eaten. Maybe we’re not all superstitious, but it wouldn’t hurt to stay indoors with friends & share a glass of Nocturnum – our robust & balanced dark hoppy ale – brewed to keep evil at bay.

Taylight Brewing Inc.

Loco Poco Czech Pilsner: ABV 5%
A crisp, clean traditional Czech style pilsner. We use 100% Saaz hops to create an old world pilsner with some bite.

Big Barge DDH IPA:


Peace Park Root Beer Porter: ABV 5.5%
This delightful porter starts with the aroma of root beer and finishes with a slight malty flavour. This is after all a porter first not a soft drink. Try it with a dash of vanilla ice cream if you dare.

Vancouver Island Brewing:

Faller NW Pale Ale: ABV 5.4%

This beer celebrates all those who've worked hard to make the Island what it is today. Inspired by classic northwest pale ales, it builds a history of its own with aromas of fresh pine and grapefruit, and a hearty malt finsih.

Misthorn Winter IPA:


Dominion Dark Lager: ABV 5.5%

This Schwarzbier is as dark as the night sky that’s best seen from Saanich’s Dominion Astrophysical Observatory. An authentic Bavarian lager, it has aromas of coffee, chocolate, and a smooth, clean finish.

Hermannator Ice Bock:


Yellowdog Brewing Co.:

High 5 Hazy IPA: ABV 5.2%


Go Get It Ginger Lime Gose: ABV 5%


Shake A Paw Smoked Porter: ABV 5%