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The Harrison Beer Festival will be taking place at the St. Alice Hall at the Harrison Hot Springs Resort. To reach it, travel to Harrison Hot Springs and you will find the Hall as the most easterly building on the Harrison Resort property.  If you are staying at the Resort you can park on their lot.  Alternatively you can park anywhere along Esplanade Avenue and Lillooet Avenue both of which are within easy walking distance of the Hall.

For detailed instructions on reaching us by car or bus follow this link.

Once again we encourage you to come to Harrison Hot Springs with a designated driver or stay overnight to avoid any issues with drinking and driving.  Check out the Harrison Beer Festival offers from our local hotels, motels and B&B's.

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The Harrison Beer Festival Sasquatch Shuttle 

$5 per person, includes return. Reserve your spot during reservation Process.  Shuttle Bus is provided by Harrison Lake Shuttles!


To The Beer Festival    
Depart Chilliwack Cottonwood -  12:30pm Pick up
Depart Agassiz 12:50pm Pick up
Arrive Harrison 1:00pm  
From the Beer Festival    
Depart Harrison 5:00pm  
Arrive Agassiz 5:10pm Drop off
Arrive Chilliwack Cottonwood 5:30pm Drop off
Book your spot during the reservation process, any questions email events@tourismharrison.com    

Pickup locations - Chilliwack Cottonwood - by the bus stop adjacent to the mall
       Agassiz - by the bus stop close to Jack's Restaurant

Thank you to Harrison Lake Shuttles for providing a bus for the Harrison Beer Festival.
Look for the logo  


Alternatively ride the regular city bus from Chilliwack, visit www.bctransit.com for schedule.